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FBA Loves Volunteers!

How to Log & Track FBA Parent Volunteer Hours
*A minimum of 20 hours per family per school year is required 
This info can also be found in the RenWeb portal resource documents:
  • Login to RenWeb Parent Portal
  • Choose "Family Information" from the menu on the left hand side
  • Click the name of the parent on the left hand side for whom you wish to log hours (the background will turn gray)
  • Click the header "Service Hours" (the background will turn gray)
  • Click "Add Service Hours"

  • The Date default is "today."  Change the date to the date you served as a volunteer.
  • Follow the remaining prompts.
  • The section "Note" is to provide more specific details of your volunteer service such as the name of the specific event.
  • "Verified by" is the FBA staff member who coordinated the event or for whom you consulted with for the specific area of service.
  • Click "Save" upon completion.
  • Each time you login to service hours in the future, you will see an itemized list of hours served.


How To Become An FBA Voluneer

Please complete this form online, PRINT, and submit to your school office for processing. 

Volunteer applicants please choose the Volunteer Application.

All FBA families are required to complete 20 volunteer hours each year.  
This form will help connect you with several volunteer opportunities available.  Please check any boxes of opportunities that you are interested in.  Upon completion, you will receive an email confmnation with your responses.
Instructions for how to log completed volunteer hours can be found on the top of this page or in the Resource Documents of ParentsWeb. 
Please note that each opportunity below is marked as a Level 1 or Level 2 opportunity:
Level 1 volunteers have direct contact with students, but are always within the immediate presence of an FBA employee.  They may never be left alone with an individual student or a group of students.  They are often assigned duties, such as an office assistant, collection gate at athletic events , or helping in the classroom with the teacher present.  As an FBA Parent. you are already a Level 1 Volunteer and may begin volunteering for these activities right away. 
Level 2 volunteers have direct contact with students outside of the immediate presence of an FBA staff member. Examples include Reading Helper outside the classroom; Coaching Assistant in Sports Program; Chaperone for a field trip or overnight trip, and anytime you might provide classroom coverage in the absence of the Teacher. All Level 2 volunteer applications require approval by the Principal/Director.  If approved, you will be required to fill out a volunteer application, include two references and a criminal background check (at the school's expense .) 

*By saying you are interested, you are not volunteering.  Ministry assistants will contact you with more information".

Please understand that these steps are meant only to protect our children, not to make it difficult to volunteer.  Once you have completed the process you will be free to volunteer for as long as your child is at FBA.  (Only the criminal background check must be duplicated, every three years) 

Complete the application, attaching all requested documentation.  "Please return your completed application to your child's Principal or Director and someone from the Administration will contact you."

You can drop off your application in the school office or mail your application and resume (if applicable) to:

First Baptist Academy
Attn: (Designated Principal or Director's Name)
3000 Orange Blossom Dr.
Naples, FL 34109

Once your application has been received and processed, someone from the FBA Administration will contact you.