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Answers In Genesis

The following resources are in the Elementary Library in the Parent Resources section.
The Ultimate Proof of Creation by Dr. Jason Lisle - this book presents an argument for creation that is powerful, conclusive and has no true rebuttal - a great read for high schoolers and adults.
Men in White - a light hearted dynamic dram that reaches kids and adults alike.  It is an excellent summary of the major supposed evidences which are often used by secularists to support evolution and the "millions of years" viewpoint.
Check This Out - a creative DVD that covers six different topics (radiometric dating, fossils and the flood, the origin of races, pain and suffering, the nature of science, and problems with evolution) each in a four minute "warp speed" method of teaching.
Journey through the Creation Museum - for those considering a trip to the museum (located in Kentucky just outside of Cincinnati, Ohio)  this book is full of pictures and guides the reader through a visit.
All of these resources are available for purchase through the Answers in Genesis website, again, at