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First Baptist Academy participated in the ACSI Math Olympics



PK/ES Class Ministry Projects

PK3 / K4- Operation Soldier Care
K5 - Operation Christmas Child
1st Grade - FBA Graduates College Care Packages
2nd Grade - Grace Place
3rd Grade - Helps Tackle Hunger
4th Grade -Children's Home Society
5th Grade -Adopt a Soldier 

100th Day of School

100th Day of SchoolAt FBA the elementary school sailed into the 100th day of school full S.T.E.A.M. ahead.  The students competed to see which class could build a boat out of one sheet of aluminum foil that could hold 100 or more pennies and float.  All the mates rose to the occasion and Mrs. Trefz's 5th grade class won with a boat design that held 181 pennies!  Congratulations!  Way to go mates!




Puppet Chapel

2018 3rd Grade Puppet Chapel

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A Visit to France – Kindergarten Style!

Enriching Students learning by going beyond the classroom

Bon jour!!  The tri-color French flag will once again be flying high over FBA!  The kindergarten students at First Baptist Academy enjoy many “French” activities as a culmination to their social studies unit on France!  First Baptist Academy strives to enable students to think biblically and critically as they encounter new information and face life experiences.  “Providing an enriched experience for students to learn about different customs, celebrations, and culture around God's globe helps strengthen the classroom to real world learning!" says FBA Elementary School Principal, Linda Shaw.

The morning begins with all the kindergarten students bringing their bikes to school to participate in a “Tour de France” – kindergarten style!  Many shapes and sizes of two-wheelers, three-wheelers and even big wheels will be seen cruising on a course around the school/church campus.  The students not riding, along with parents, will be waving French flags and cheering-on the cyclists from the side lines … just like they do along the French countryside!

Following the “Tour de France” the students will enjoy an outdoor café with tables set with checked table cloths and filled with French treats:  croissants, baguettes, cheese, sliced apples and grapes! 

The morning will conclude with a visit from “Monet”!  This will be the highlight of the lunch.  “Monet” will bring his easel and paints and begin an impressionistic painting for the children and parents.  Dressed the part, “Monet” will be former Art teacher and now Elementary Principal, Linda Shaw.

Elementary Wax Museum

Every year the 5th graders of FBA put on a "Great American Wax Museum".  It is a timeless program where the students choose an American Hero and read 2-3 books, research, write a research paper and then develop a 1st-person monolog as that character.  Each student develops a costume and presents their information to other students. 

The Flowering Cross: Elementary Easter Chapel

Each spring, just before Easter, the elementary students have a very special
chapel tradition called, “Flowering the Cross”.
At this Easter chapel the children’s book, “The Flowering Cross”, by author Beth
Ryan, is read to the students. This book tells of a young girl who was able to use a
unique church celebration at Easter time to bring her neighbor (an avid gardener)
to salvation.
In our elementary chapel, after the story has been shared, all the students and
their parents are invited to place a fresh flower on to a rough wooden cross.
When all the students have placed their flowers, the wooden cross, is
transformed into a beautiful and colorful flowering cross!
This transformation is an excellent reminder that the cross is no longer a symbol
of death, but instead, a symbol of the new life that is found in our Lord and
Savior, Jesus Christ!