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The theme for this year is “He Leads, We Follow”!  He is the Way the Truth and the Life. With our focus on Him, we are confident in the victory that He will give us this year in the endeavor of Kingdom education.  He is so worthy of our surrender to His call. The strength of our unity comes from the ministry of our Lord to each of us and all of us as we enjoy the power of His purpose in our lives. We rally in surrender around Him, His Word, His Work and His purpose for our school.  FBA belongs to Him. May He be glorified!!!

Our theme will permeate our classrooms, chapels, fine arts, and athletics. It is because of our love for Christ that we excel in all these areas of the school program. FBA middle school enjoys the reputation of a strong academic program integrated with a biblical worldview.  This is my fourteenth year here at the middle school. Our very experienced and competent faculty give to our school continuity, stability and momentum. While each faculty member will excel in their particular field, I am going to lead them this year with an emphasis on maximizing opportunities for growth in our STEAM program, creation science, American exceptionalism, student leadership and conflict resolution skills.

He Leads, We Follow,


Leigh Anne Bates
FBAMS Principal: John McGillicuddy‚Äč

American Heritage Powerpoints

Created by FBA Middle School Students

Our Nation's Biblical Foundation

America's True Foundation

The Legacy of We The People

Biblical Worldview Powerpoints

Created by FBA Middle School Students

How Should We Behave? The Ethical Standards of Christianity

Christianity vs. Naturalism

The Real Origin of Species


FBA Middle School Highlights

  • Middle school students excelled as the top fund raising group in the community for The Pregnancy Resource Center’s annual Walk for Life. They also excel in ministering to St. Matthew’s House, Florida Baptist Children’s Home, and Harbor Chase.

  • Middle school students are trained in conflict resolution skills.  How do we build a real, right relationship with the Lord and others?  Real, right relationships are the focus of middle school life.

  • Middle School students are featured speakers in end of the year chapels.  They make presentations in apologetics, biblical world view, bioethical issues and our American Heritage.

  • Eighth grade boys are enlisted and then mentored, discipled, coached and trained to be steward leaders for the middle school and beyond.  Vision, skills, incentives, resources and an action plan are all vital components to the leadership program that meets once a week throughout the school year.

  • Eighth graders are trained in etiquette which they put into practice when they go to a formal dining event.

  • Eighth grade students are trained to take a stand against abortion on demand by learning how to debate the issue in the public square. 

  • Seventh and eighth grade students are trained to understand and communicate the five biblical principles that our founding fathers used in the Declaration of Independence to fashion the Constitutional Republic of the United States of America.

  • Middle school students have an opportunity to take Band, Strings or Choir. Middle school is dedicated to the valuable role that music plays in academics and life.

  • Students are trained in biblical world view so they can articulate with clarity and conviction what they believe and why they believe it.


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