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Middle School Choir


6th Grade Choir

The middle school choir is a full year music class. This ensemble will focus on singing skills, note reading, parts singing and ensemble techniques.  The choir will perform during the d’Accordo Music Festival, Fall Holiday Kick-Off concert, Arts Extravaganza, ACSI music festival, and the End of the Year Concert. Other events may be scheduled throughout the school year.

7th and 8th Grade Music

Students may choose to continue in the music discipline that he/she started in 6th grade; Band, Choir, or Strings. Classes will continue to focus on technical skills, note reading, theory, ensemble techniques, and music history.  (Instrumental students will need to provide his/her own instrument. Rental information is available upon request.) All ensembles will participate in a variety of events such as FBA Pep Band, the Fall Holiday Kick-Off Concert, Fine Arts Extravaganza, Solo & Ensemble, d’Accordo Choir Festival, ACSI Music Festivals, Chapel performances, as well as community outreach events such as “Caroling with a Cop”.


High School Choir


High School Vocal Ensemble

High School Vocal Ensemble is an elective designed to provide vocally talented students a place to grow in their abilities. Students are exposed to a wide range of musical genres, and continuously refine their vocal techniques . Each year the group participates in music festivals such as D'Accordo Choral Festival and Music USA that challenge students to excel in the talents that God has given them. The Music and Ministry Tour is a highlight of each year for this group. Our concerts provide enjoyment for both our school family and for the community.

d’accordo - Pronunciation: /daˈkɔrdo/ (Italian) in accord.  
Philippians 2:2
Complete my joy by being of the same mind, having the same love, being in full accord and of one mind.

First Baptist Academy hosted d’Accordo Music Festival, an inaugural choir festival where middle school choirs from faith-based, private schools in Collier County came together in one accord to make music for His glory!  Over 65 students gathered to sing under the direction of guest conductor, Todd Peterson, Choral Director at Barron Collier High School. Mr. Peterson enjoys connecting with students, sharing his faith and his passion for music. Uniting in one accord, these students took part in a “big choir” experience, improved their vocal and ensemble techniques, shared in fellowship with students from other faith-based schools and used their voices to let us all hear a glimpse of God’s glory through their beautiful sound.