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Academic Awards '23

Thursday, April 26th was the High School Academic Awards Ceremony. Many community awards were given throughout the ceremony. In addition, each academic subject area awarded a certificate for exemplary academic achievement. A senior was awarded the Lion Scholar in each academic subject area. Each senior was selected for overall excellence, achievement and success throughout their entire academic subject career. The Senior Lion Scholar received a medallion to wear at graduation and a $1,000. Scholarship.

Congratulations to the following students who were recognized at this ceremony:


AP Computer Science - Brynnan Kirkpatrick

AP Art- Conner Levy

4 Year Fine Arts Pin- Owen Martin & Mollie Haskins

World Strides Honors Performance- Dorrotya Sinka

Bible 9 – Brooke Spencer

Bible 10 – Abby Phelan

Bible 11 – Grace Lowery

Bible 12 - Brian Sneed

Bible Lion Scholar- Trevor Wilson

English 1 – Brynnan Kirkpatrick

English 2 – Isabeli Oliveira

AP English Language – Taylor Pyburn

AP English Literature - Samuel DeStefano

English Lion Scholar – Trevor Wilson

Spanish 1 – Sofia Sanchez

Spanish 2 – Brynnan Kirkpatrick

Spanish 3 – Isabeli Oliveira

Spanish 4 - Kaiya Arilli

Foreign Language Lion Scholar – Lucas Lye

Algebra 1 – Tylor Bartschi

Geometry – Brynnan Kirkpatrick

Algebra 2 – Isabeli Oliveira

Pre-Calculus – Taylor Pyburn

Statistics - Emma Keyes

AP Calculus - Kate Keuler

Math Lion Scholar – Lucas Lye

Biology – Kendra Keuler

Chemistry – Isabeli Oliveira

Physics – Taylor Pyburn

Anatomy and Physiology - Lucas Lye

Science Lion Scholar – Kate Keuler

World Geography – Paula Galmez

AP World History – Daniel Rashid

AP US History – Taylor Pyburn

Economics - Olivia DeSantis

Psychology & Sociology - Xhevia Roko

AP Government - Lucas Lye

Social Studies Lion Scholar – Brian Sneed

Other recognitions given that day included:

Class of 2020 Valedictorian –Kate Keuler

Class of 2020 Salutatorian – Lucas Lye

Harvard Book Club Recipient - Annika Lindquist

Forum Club - Trevor Wilson

Austin Lee Bates Scholarship - Mollie Haskins

James Bates Scholarship - Audrey Penrod

Richard M. Schulze Family Foundation Scholarship - Trevor Wilson

Calusa Garden Club Scholarship- Easton Prodanov

Marco Island Woman’s Club Scholarship - Easton Prodanov

Daughters of the American Revolution Scholarship - Easton Prodanov

True U Worldview Scholarships- 1st place: Brian Sneed, 2nd place: Lucas Lye, 3rd place: Kate Keuler

Joshua Expedition Outstanding National Alliance of Christian School Scholarship - Kate Keuler

National Alliance of Christian Schools Knowledge Quest Academic Competition:

Daniel Santella-3rd place 6th grade History & 2nd place 6th grade Math

Robert Santella- 3rd place 6th grade Math

Tyler Krivda- 2nd place 7th grade Math

Natalie Burkhart- 1st place 7th grade History and Geography

Benjamin Blankenship- 3rd place 7th grade History and Geography

Henry Scholz -1st place 7th grade New Testament Survey, 1st place 7th grade Old Testament Survey

3rd place 7th grade Science

Jayla Clydesdale- 2nd place 8th grade English, 2nd place 8th grade New Testament survey, 3rd place Old Testament Survey, 2nd place 8th grade Pre-Algebra

Ryan Conrad- 1st place Algebra 1, 1st place 9th grade Algebra 2 and Geometry, 1st place 9th grade Spanish

Jacob Adams- 2nd place Algebra 1, 1st place 9th grade Political Science/Economics

Dorottya Sinka- 3rd place Algebra 1

Aiden Marin- 3rd place 10th grade Algebra 2 and Geometry, 3rd place 10th grade Biology

Taylor Pyburn-1st place 11th grade Algebra 2 and Geometry, 2nd place 11th grade Old Testament Bible Knowledge

Michael Kersey- 2nd place 10th grade Biology, 2nd place 10th grade Chemistry

Megan Vila- 1st place 10th grade English, 2nd place 10th grade New Testament Bible Knowledge, 1st place 10th grade Old Testament Bible Knowledge

Grace Lowery- 1st place 11th grade New Testament Bible Knowledge

Joseph Adams-2nd place 11th grade Political Science and Economics

Andrea Reyes-1st place 10th grade Spanish

Graham Ingram-1st place 9th grade US History and Geography, 1st place 9th grade World History and Geography

High Achieving Rising Star awards:

High Achieving Rising Star-Evan Herrenbruck

High Achieving Rising Star Awards Super Senior- Kaija Brown

Florida Bright Futures:

Florida Medallion Scholars:

Kaijah Brown

Samuel DeStefano

Bryn Dougherty

John Carl Johansen

Emma Keyes

Victoria Krischanowski

Oleksandra Koliichuk

Juliette Lane

Owen Martin

Gavin Patton

Audrey Penrod

Michael Votta

Florida Academic Scholarship:

Tyler Fink

Ryan Gibbs

Ty Keller

Kate Keuler

Conner Levy

Lucas Lye

Nathan Mihet

Easton Prodanov

Madeline Secu

Brian Sneed

Danielle Ughi

Dylan Vila

Trevor Wilson

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