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Class of 2022 Senior Retreat

Written by Senior Hannah Casey:

Our senior class was generally close before the retreat, but we truly got to know each other on that trip. We did so many exciting activities such as horseback riding, a ropes course, rock climbing, and tie-dying shirts. I had an opportunity to connect with some of my classmates through basketball. I have been a member of the varsity girls basketball team, but I never played with some of my other classmates, so having that opportunity was really cool. It was so amazing seeing all of our class come together and really participate in everything we did. A lot of students challenged themselves, faced fears, and worked together to problem solve in the group activities. During one of the activities, we had to run under a jump rope as a class. At first we tried to get to the other side individually, but we learned that if we counted down from three and ran together, we would be able to get across faster.

After we made that conclusion, we were able to make it across successfully. That activity taught us how to collaborate, and I believe it will help us come together in the future, whether for spirit week or other school activities. I think we learned how to work as a unit and have fun at the same time. My favorite part of the senior retreat would definitely have to be participating in the activities with the people in my group because they made it so much fun. FBA students, faculty, and the camp workers really made our senior trip so amazing!

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