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Updated: Jul 18, 2020

Written by: Leigh Anne Bates

When high school students return from Christmas break, they will embark on a unique experience, J Term. J-Term is a week to break away from the traditional eight-period academic day and take a deep dive into subject matter that sparks interest and excitement. Students can choose from a variety of hands-on programs ranging from computer programming to service trips. This year students have the chance to get creative with Bible journaling and jewelry making, learn to plan and cook healthy meals, visit Busch Gardens for an up-close and personal animal experience, or learn how to survive camping. These classes have been purposefully designed to enhance students’ overall curriculum exposure, as well as school experience.

Juniors and Seniors have the opportunity to complete an internship component. Through these real-world experiences, students can explore their areas of interest and refine their list of potential career pursuits. They have meaningful experiences by interacting with experts. This real-world career exposure has solidified for many of their future courses of study.

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