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Refuel - Spiritual Emphasis Week

Updated: Jul 18, 2020


Written by: Billy “Fish” Fisher, April 2020

“Can you bring those guys back next year?” “Can we do like one of these a quarter?” These were just some of the questions students had coming off our first ReFuel back in February. ReFuel is FBA’s spiritual emphasis week, and our inaugural campaign saw pastors Gerald Fadayomi and Marquise Cox bring biblical, practical messages to our FBA family. With the theme of Well Known, they spoke about how we can connect with our God who knows us fully and invites us to know him. They encouraged us to walk in the Lord’s wisdom, to put aside guilt and sin, and to fully embrace Christ and his plan for our lives. For worship through song, we were blessed to have Mary-Michael McCathren and Kyle Brenner from Passion City Church lead us in worship each day. Even after ReFuel, our FBA worship team continued to use the songs they introduced in ReFuel in our chapels. What was encouraging to see was how many parents came out to sessions and the excitement they had for this event. Though we won’t be having on each quarter, we are looking forward to our 2nd annual ReFuel next year!

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