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Washington, D.C. Trip! Jan. 2022

Stepping off the plane and into Washington D.C., I knew that this trip was going to be one that I would remember for a lifetime. After days of uncertainty and disbelief on whether or not this trip would actually take place, I was ready for our adventure.

We hit the ground running, visiting monuments, memorials, and everything that was constructed to commemorate the American ideals of strength and bravery in those that fabricated the birth of this nation, as well as the individuals that fought for its survival. Stepping through the gates of Arlington Cemetery, we were blessed to be surrounded remenints of individuals who sacrificed their own lifes so that our rights could be secured and that our freedoms be forever promised. Individuals who have personal connections with the military or any branch of the United States Armed Forces were given the opportunity to witness the reverence granted to those who serve and continue to protect citizens. And arriving at Capitol Hill, we were able to take in the sight of some of the most quintessential buildings in the American Nation, where history is both persevered and made.

This trip allowed me to see God in the friendships and relationships that I’ve made, in the opportunities and abilities that He has blessed me with, and in the foundation of our Nation's Capital.


Waking up at 5 am and facing the cold of Philadelphia was worth the memories that came with it. Our day in Philly consisted of learning but also enjoying the history around us. We learned about the foundations on which America was made and a new appreciation for our country surrounded the trip. We also got to visit a metropolitan public market filled with life and great food. Many of us chose to embrace the irony and get Philly cheesesteaks while others explored different cultures through their meals and tried different types of food.

The end of our trip was filled with a certain stress but adrenaline when we went to run up the Rocky steps (as shown in the movie) and rushed to make our flight back home. As we almost missed the flight, but the love of Jesus was shown through the kind airport workers who rushed us to the front of security and held the plane so our last group could get on. We were indirectly taught about God’s grace and made it home safely. Such memories were made on this wonderful trip with its ups and downs but ultimately, its great blessings of fun, friendship, learning, and love. We are so grateful to have been able to attend this trip and hope that the next can only try to top it!

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