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As a parent, you have the amazing responsibility of raising your children — training them up in the way they should go (Proverbs 22:6). And while there is ample grace for the journey (thank goodness!), you are only given one journey – one chance, one shot, one relatively brief season with your children under your roof.

Speaking of “your roof,” your child spends approximately 1,000 hours each year at school, under the roof of a building filled with people who are not you, influences that are beyond your control. However, what is within your control is choosing a school whose influence aligns with your family’s deepest convictions.




At First Baptist Academy, we make every effort to make an exceptional Christian education attainable for every family.

Here are a few ways we strive to bring Christian education to our community:

Payment Plans

First Baptist Academy uses the FACTS Tuition Management Program to manage our payments. All families are required to have a FACTS Management account, whether paying tuition in-full or by payment plan.


FACTS Tuition Management is the largest service provider in the industry serving schools in all 50 states. They have been in business since 1986 and specialize in working with schools like ours. Through FACTS Tuition Management you can access the following information: the status of your account, the schedule of payments still to be made, a listing of those payments already made, and a complete listing of all activity.

Financial Aid

There are two Financial Aid options to consider:

Option 1: FBA accepts the Florida Tax Credit Scholarship (FTC). Try applying for this scholarship if your child is enrolled in grades K5 - 12th.

Apply for FTC prior to applying for our internal aid. The application is available online through Step Up For Students. For questions regarding FTC please contact Step Up For Students directly at 877-735-7837 or

**Please note, FBA only accepts the income based scholarships with StepUpForStudents.  FBA does not accept the Hope, McKay, Gardner or any of the FES-UA Scholarships. FBA only accepts FTC and FES-EO.  Please contact FBA with additional questions.


Option 2: FBA internal need based financial aid (CLICK HERE TO APPLY). An application for admission must be submitted prior to applying for FBA aid. FBA aid is available for students in grades K4-12th grade. There is no financial aid for Pre-K3, or any half day options. 

Tuition Refund Insurance Plan

To protect your investment of a full year's tuition, the Tuition Refund Insurance Plan is available for those families paying in full for tuition and is MANDATORY for those making 2 or more payments. With Tuition Insurance, partial refunds will be provided in the case of withdrawal due to: job loss, job transfer out of the area, medical issues, death of a spouse, or when a student withdraws for non-medical reasons. Please see the full policy outline HERE.

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