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Have you ever wondered what kind of learner your child is? God has hand- crafted every child in a special way (Ps. 139:14, 15) and has outfitted each one with a predominant Learning Style. A Learning Style is the observable expression of the child’s unique personality and motivation toward learning.  Each child is wired differently and therefore learns differently. Silver, Strong, and Perini (1997) offer the following model as a good example of the four general categories of Learning Styles.  

Mastery Learners absorb information concretely. They approach new information methodically, and are most comfortable to follow step by step instructions.  The second category of learners is Understanding Learners. These children like to investigate big ideas and work with abstractions, using logic and inquiry. The third group of learners is Self-Expressive Learners who learn best by doing. Learners respond to visual imagery and enjoy exploring the tactile quality of materials. They value creativity and originality. The last group of learners is the Interpersonal Learner. These children are highly social, and enjoy working collaboratively to accomplish tasks and gain information.  

Understanding how children learn has greatly influenced how children are taught. At FBA, teachers take the varied Learning Styles into consideration when planning lessons and methods of instruction.  Additionally, we acknowledge that the inner working of the Holy Spirit of God is integral to learning.  The Holy Spirit empowers the child to gain both knowledge and wisdom. 

In the classroom, individual student needs are addressed by creating a stimulating classroom environment to “actively engage” hearts and minds of all learners. Some examples of “active learning” at FBA would include; using Math manipulatives, connecting through interactive mimio, and incorporating whole body movement.  Conducting class experiments, role playing Bible stories, singing in a musical, and drawing Critical Thinking Maps strengthens developmental skills. Integrating God’s Word in every aspect of the academic program provides the framework for learning and the context for the acquisition of wisdom. Each day there are planned activities for whole group and small group instruction, to accommodate the wide variety of Learning Styles represented in the classroom.

All learners are created by God with His unique design and purpose. As parents and teachers we are entrusted with the responsibility to train up our children in the way they should go, in accordance with God’s perfect plan.  Whether your child is predominantly visual, auditory, or kinesthetic is not the central issue but it is a strong indicator of how they are wired by God to learn.  Teach to their Learning Style at home as we partner with you to train them at school.  The result will be a generation of young people who are highly motivated and love learning, who are equipped to fulfill their unique assignment in the Kingdom of God.