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We believe that each student has been uniquely designed by our Creator, and our goal is that every student would thrive at FBA. Our Student Services department exists to provide a continuum of additional support during the school day to students with mild learning differences. Student Services does not replace regular content area classes, but offers limited additional academic support several times a week. In lower elementary, skill remediation is provided in the specific areas of reading, writing, and math. Students are pulled out for small group instruction to target weak areas, and then integrated back into the classroom as quickly as possible. Upper elementary students are given needed support by the classroom teacher in collaboration with the resource teacher. Students in grades K-12 may enroll in the Resource Program for several periods a week during an elective period. The resource teacher provides content support and organizational strategies vital to success in middle and high school, and also collaborates with classroom teachers to provide appropriate accommodations. Enrollment in the Resource Program in grades K-12 involves a fee in addition to regular tuition and a separate enrollment form is required. All referrals must be approved by administration. 


Amy Sommerville
Elementary School

Jennifer Wilson
Middle and High School