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First Baptist Academy believes that every student has been uniquely designed by our Creator and our goal is that every student would thrive at FBA.  Our Student Services department exists to provide a continuum of additional support to exceptional learners.

FBA’s ACCESS program supports struggling students toward academic success while encouraging them in their identity in Christ, created as His workmanship.  ACCESS students are of average or above average ability but are not reaching their expected potential due to a mild learning difference or disability.  ES student eligibility does not require a complete psychoeducational evaluation, however, MS/HS eligibility does require an evaluation detailing a learning disability or other health impairment affecting academic function.  

  • ACCESS does not replace regular content area classes but may offer additional academic support and/or classroom accommodations to better equip students for learning.  ES students receive services several times per week.  Reading skill remediation and support is provided in small group settings using evidence-based programs.  Math and writing are supported through an inclusive model inside the regular classroom.
  • MS/HS students may enroll in ACCESS (resource) class for 2-5 periods per week during an elective period. A Student Services teacher will provide content support, organizational and study skills, self-advocacy coaching and testing accommodations to meet individual student needs.  ACCESS students may receive classroom accommodations, however, their content and curriculum are not modified.

If you have any concerns regarding academic achievement or progression, or questions about how to enroll your child with Student Services, please contact us.

Amy Sommerville
Elementary School
Jennifer Wilson
Middle and High School