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Name: Roarie, aka Roarie the Courageous; Official Mascot of First Baptist Academy

Height: 6’5”        Weight: 450lbs.

Favorite Foods: Seahawks, Stingrays and an occasional leprechaun

Favorite Colors: Maroon, Black, Grey and White

Favorite Song: God’s Not Dead “roaring like a lion” by the Newsboys

Favorite Hobbies: Lifting Weights, running on Lowdermilk Beach and reading the Good Book

Favorite Verse:  “behold, the Lion of the tribe of Judah, the Root of David, has conquered” - Revelation 5:5

Roarie's Biography
In August 1996, a young male lion cub was born from the tribe of Judah.  After years of rigorous preparation guided by his mentor - alpha pride leader - he decided to expand his territory and find his own pride to lead.  His courageous journey led him to the sunny beaches of Southwest Florida, much like the sands of the desert of Judah.  He has found his new den at First Baptist Academy, where he has been called upon to build up and encourage the FBA family.  Here at FBA, he loves attending different sporting events, where he struts his school pride for all to see.  He can also be found in the library, hallways and classrooms encouraging students to grow in wisdom, strength and unity!


Lions Mascot Is Getting To Know The FBA Campus.